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Installating RUBBoS Servlets Implementation

RUBBoS Files Structure

The directory tree of RUBBoS is organized as follow:

/RUBBoS/config.mkMakefile configuration file (if you use make you should edit this file to match your configuration)
/RUBBoS/build.propertiesAnt build files configuration file (if you use ant you should edit this file to match your configuration)
/RUBBoS/benchcontains the results of the measurements and the scripts to generate graphs and statistics.
/RUBBoS/ClientBenchmark client to simulate clients and perform measurements.
/RUBBoS/databasecontains the SQL files used to generate the database data.
/RUBBoS/Servletscontains the Java Servlets version of RUBBoS, the build.xml file for ant and the scripts to start and stop Tomcat.
/RUBBoS/Servlets/edu/rice/rubbos/servetscontains the source code of the servlets.
/RUBBoS/Servlet_HTMLcontains the html files for the version of RUBBoS that is designed to be used with Java servlets only. This directory is structured as a war.
/RUBBoS/workloadcontains the files that describes the workload of the bulletin board system. We designed various patterns of request distribution. The browse_only_transition pattern simulate user's behavior that only generate read requests from the database.
The user_transition and author_transition patterns are a mix of read and write requests.

Compiling and running

To compile the servlet version of RUBBoS, do the following:
Edit RUBBoS/ and set the j2ee property with the path to j2ee.jar.
cd RUBBoS/Servlets
Edit and update the database information for your configuration.
Edit and update and for your Tomcat configuration. Update also the path to your database driver.
Edit edu/rice/rubbos/servlets/ and update the DatabaseProperties variable.
ant dist
This will compile the servlets and generate rubbos_servlets.jar and rubbos.war. rubbos.war contains rubbos_servlets.jar in WEB-INF/lib.
cp rubbos.war TOMCAT-HOME/webapps
You can now access the RUBBoS application from your web browser at http://localhost:8080/rubbos/index.html

To compile the client emulator:
Various environment variables are defined in the RUBBoS/ You have to set them to match your installation directories :

  • JAVA = path to the program execution tool (java)
  • JAVAC = path to the java compiler (javac or jikes)
  • RMIC = path to the stub generator (rmic)
  • CLASSPATH = your classpath including path to j2ee.jar and servlet.jar.

cd RUBBoS/Client
make client

To run the the client emulator:
cd RUBBoS/bench
Update the rubbos.properties_XX files to match your configuration.
Update the file to match your configuration (path, login, etc).
Run The results will be generated in the RUBBoS/bench directory.

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