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JVM Benchmarks

The following are sets of available benchmark results comparing several Java Virtual Machines.

RUBiS benchmark

RUBiS is an auction site prototype. This benchmark is usually used to evaluate application servers performance and scalability. Two EJB versions of the benchmark: entity beans and session facade with local interfaces, are used to compare IBM, BEA and Sun JVM.

See the results.

VolanoMark Benchmark

VolanoMark is a pure Java server benchmark characterized by long-lasting network connections and high thread counts. It creates client connections in groups of 20 and measures the time required by the clients to take turns broadcasting a set of messages to the group. It stresses: Scheduler, TCP/IP, Ethernet driver, Signals, Pthreads, SMP scalability.

IBM, BEA and Sun JVM are evaluated on Bi pentium III. See the results.

SPECjbb2000 Benchmark

The SPECjbb2000 benchmark emulates a 3-tiers system which is nowadays the most common type of server-side Java application.

This benchmark stresses the middle tier. It does no disk I/O or network I/O.

IBM, BEA and Sun JVM are evaluated on Bi pentium III. See the results.

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