JVM evaluation results with RUBiS

 RUBiS is an auction site prototype modeled after eBay.com that is used to evaluate application design patterns and application servers performance scalability.  This benchmark defines 2 workload mixes: a browsing mix made up of only read-only interactions and a bidding mix that includes 15% read-write interactions.

Benchmark configuration

Two EJB versions of RUBiS are used: DAO separation with Entity Beans CMP and  EJB 2.0 local interfaces.



JVM used

BEA JRockit:
Options used: -Xnoopt

Sun JVM:
Options used: -server

Options used: none.

Hardware platform

The Web server, the servlet server, the EJB server and the datavase server each run on a different machine:
a PIII 933MHz CPU with 1GB SDRAM and 2 Quamtum Atlas 9GB 10,000rpm Ultra SCSI disk drives.

Software environment

Web server: Apache v.1.3.22
Servlet server: Tomcat v.23.2.24
EJB server: JOnAS v.2.6.1
Database server: MySQL v.3.23.43-max with MyISAM non transactionnal tables.
All machines run the 2.4.18 Linux kernel.


Browsing mix

Bidding mix

Browsing mix

Bidding mix